Sunday, May 31, 2009


On that last Wednesday, I can remember that Michael and I had spaghetti for lunch, that we had an UNO tournament that I won, that Michael snuck out of bed for one last goodnight smooch, and that he was excited to watch Clone Wars as he got ready for night-night.  I can remember a portion of our lunch conversation where he wanted me to tell him a funny story.  So I told him the story of my Halloween.  When I was a witch and was scared that people would really think I was a witch and so I made my mom take me home early.  We laughed.  

But I can't remember what we had for dinner.  

I have searched my memory for this fact.  I can't remember. And that terrifies me.  

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Mags said...

You remember the important things: The parts that involve the relationship with your son. I imagine your brain sifts out the extra stuff so you can hold on to your precious memories of Michael. Dinner is secondary - his laugh, or his scent, or his favorite things are the memories you need.

My name is Maggie (Mags) - I'm a friend of Leigh Anne Lynch, and she forwarded me your email post about getting Michael's name everywhere. I'm a digital crafter (and I love to manipulate photos) - I'm not going to Disney before June, but I can sure use some of his photos to make it look like he's a Jedi or another SW character! (if you feel comfortable sharing them with a "stranger) My digi-scrappin' blog is, and I have a Christian Blog at so you can check me out. I'd be honored to help.

I'm so sorry for your loss - and I hope that the comfort of your family and friends will bring you strength and peace at this time.

mags @ magsgraphics dot com