Thursday, October 20, 2005

Snaggle Tooth...

Michael lost his first tooth today! It has been loose for just a few days. Michael was snacking on an ice cream cone after school. He walked in holding a piece of something and asked if it was his tooth. Sure enough ... it was!

I made a little tooth fairy pillow - red tooth shaped with Spiderman fabric on the back and a little pocket to hold the tooth. Not very well made, but Michael likes it and is much safer than putting a tooth under Michael's pillow.

The tooth fairy better be carrying lots of cash. Michael is expecting $50.00. Times - they are a changin'! I am thinking that the Tooth Fairy can't quite swing that amount of money for a very small tooth. Perhaps $5.00 for the first and a dollar for every tooth after? Is that the going rate these days? Do Tooth Fairies leave notes? Inquiring minds want to know...

Here is Michael with his Tooth Pillow...Let me know if you would like one! I am selling them for ... $50.00. Gotta keep up!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Long time, no post ...

Hello....ello....llo...lo? Anyone still reading?

Well a couple of things to note for the past three weeks of no posting:
1. I completely bombed my interview with the School of Theatre. Completely. And I am not being hard on myself ... just stating the facts (m'am). It's Ok. I can laugh at it now ... a little.

2. Last weekend, we went to visit my parents. And Michael promptly got sick. They may never want us to come over again. We were not the party people.

3. Michael was out of school on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Stu caught strep throat and was out of work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I almost packed up and joined the gypsies.

4. I submitted my very first scrapbook layout for pubication consideration last night. Creating Keepsakes (big scrapbook magazine) had a call for School Memories layouts. I designed one about the transition from kindergarten to first grade. This would appear not in the magazine, but in a special book they are doing. Who knows if it will be picked up, but hey - I tried right? I can't post it online until the 21st, but will as soon as I can.

5. I now know most of the lyrics to "My Humps" by the Blackeyed Peas. Try not to be jealous. This is in preparation for number 1 on my 30 things list. Watch for MC Jenn Doo at a karoke stage near you.

That's all I got for now. Smooches!