Friday, July 20, 2007

Beachin' It.

We are headed to the beach this weekend with my parents. So excited! This has become a yearly vacation and I look forward to it all year. We lounge, we sun, we swim ... and not a whole lot else. It is FABULOUS!

I am not a very good tourist at the beach locales. Just give me sun, some form of water, a book and a chair. I don't go see the Forts or the alligator farms or the Ripley's museums. I leave the sightseeing to Stu and Michael. I become a vegetable. It is fabulous.

And I get to eat my momma's cooking. Does it get better? It does. I also get to hang with my friend Cindy. And scrapbook at a fabulous scrapbook store. It's the life, really.

I don't think that I will be able to blog while gone ... we'll see.
Catch y'all on the flip side.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Breaking News...

I just saw a guy get taken down by about 9 police officers with their guns drawn and a very large police dog. Right outside my window. It was awesome.

And one of the police officers waved to me as he was putting away his gun. And the suspect was on the ground being handcuffed.

So friendly around here.

Is it weird for me to wish I had my camera with me?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Home improvement is hard.

Home improvement is hard. And not without peril. And exhausting.
But so fun!

I don't have lovely photos to share just yet. As not a single room is completed.

I painted the cabinet in the bathroom. Then Stu and I were looking at our existing towel bar, and I decided I didn't like it. Too plain. Luckily, in Stu's eBay closet was the perfect towel bar. I knew his eBay closet would come in handy! So Stu set out to take it down. He did. And a large chunk of wall with it. The fixture was drywalled in. Yikes. So Sunday was spent cutting down wall board, joint compounding, sanding ... heavy duty stuff.

So, while waiting for joint compound to dry ... literally, I decided to paint the dining room. Which is soon to be my craft room. I spackled. I primed. I painted. And finished up the painting last night. I love, love the color. It is very bright. It's Martha Stewart. Wading Pool. Think Robin's egg blue. Bright. Tonight I will move in all the furniture. I just need to find a new lighting fixture for the room. I have an idea ... now to just find it.

I'm hoping for photos tomorrow. Hopefully!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

When it's time to change You've Got to Rearrange...

Did any of you watch every single episode of The Brady Bunch growing up like me? Even the reunion movies ... like "A Very Brady Christmas" or "Brady Girls Get Married" or the movie spoofs? I was (and I guess one might say still am) a huge fan.

I have the soundtrack. I'm not kidding.

So anyway ... the point of this post is that I have the song lyrics "when it's time to change you've go to rearrange ..." running through my head on repeat. (This was the episode where Peter's voice was going through THE CHANGE and the Brady kids were entering a song competition and reworked the song to include his adorable cracking voice. I think they won. I'm not entirely sure of the ending, but I can tell you it was very feel good).

Again with the digressing ... I am once again rearranging furniture. I do this often. But this time new paint is involved. Yeah for new bright colors! I'll post before and after pictures. I'm hoping to paint the bathroom this Saturday as well as pick out new paint for the living room, dining room and Michael's room. We'll see how it goes. My husband thinks I'm nuts. He might just be right.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Family Photo

We bought Michael one of those disposable cameras while we were at Epcot so that he could record he favorite parts of the day as well (you know there is a scrapbook waiting to hold these photos!). He took what is now my favorite family shot. It's not in focus ... it is a self portrait, but I think it conveys our family in a 4x6 format. Makes me smile to look at it. Certainly not fancy ... but neither is my family. We are just us ... this photo is just us. Love that.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Summer Look.

Thought I would spruce up the blog with a new little summer banner. I needed a new look

Here's the 411 on the specifics of the banner:
Wood Grain - Kit by Jennifer Pebbles,
Orange Flower - Kit by Jen Lessinger,
Font - Steak, downloaded from

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Best Birthday Ever.

We're back!

And we had such a great time. The day was almost perfect ... we could have done without the three hour monsoon, but even that came at a good time and we made the most of it. Fun was had by all and we would have liked to have stayed for another few days. We have already started saving our pennies in hopes of going back to Disney at Christmas time.

Sadly, I am now back to real life and work. Ugh. But I will leave you with a couple of memorable quotes from the days:

Michael: "You guys planned this day. Just for me. And then kept it a secret? I have the best parents" (Melt my heart. You can have anything you want.)

Me (trying to convince Michael that he will love Test Track - the ride at Epcot): "...And the car goes 65 mph around the track!"
Michael: "That is totally fast!"
Me: "It is about as fast as Mommy drives on the highway"
Michael: "Oh ... then you mean really slow?" (Everyone loves a wise guy.)

I'll be back to give a longer synopsis of our weekend shortly. I'll say again ... we had such a great time!