Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Home improvement is hard.

Home improvement is hard. And not without peril. And exhausting.
But so fun!

I don't have lovely photos to share just yet. As not a single room is completed.

I painted the cabinet in the bathroom. Then Stu and I were looking at our existing towel bar, and I decided I didn't like it. Too plain. Luckily, in Stu's eBay closet was the perfect towel bar. I knew his eBay closet would come in handy! So Stu set out to take it down. He did. And a large chunk of wall with it. The fixture was drywalled in. Yikes. So Sunday was spent cutting down wall board, joint compounding, sanding ... heavy duty stuff.

So, while waiting for joint compound to dry ... literally, I decided to paint the dining room. Which is soon to be my craft room. I spackled. I primed. I painted. And finished up the painting last night. I love, love the color. It is very bright. It's Martha Stewart. Wading Pool. Think Robin's egg blue. Bright. Tonight I will move in all the furniture. I just need to find a new lighting fixture for the room. I have an idea ... now to just find it.

I'm hoping for photos tomorrow. Hopefully!

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