Thursday, July 05, 2007

Best Birthday Ever.

We're back!

And we had such a great time. The day was almost perfect ... we could have done without the three hour monsoon, but even that came at a good time and we made the most of it. Fun was had by all and we would have liked to have stayed for another few days. We have already started saving our pennies in hopes of going back to Disney at Christmas time.

Sadly, I am now back to real life and work. Ugh. But I will leave you with a couple of memorable quotes from the days:

Michael: "You guys planned this day. Just for me. And then kept it a secret? I have the best parents" (Melt my heart. You can have anything you want.)

Me (trying to convince Michael that he will love Test Track - the ride at Epcot): "...And the car goes 65 mph around the track!"
Michael: "That is totally fast!"
Me: "It is about as fast as Mommy drives on the highway"
Michael: "Oh ... then you mean really slow?" (Everyone loves a wise guy.)

I'll be back to give a longer synopsis of our weekend shortly. I'll say again ... we had such a great time!


Liz said...

Cute picture! Glad you had fun!

Kim said...

Love the picture and the BIG smiles! Looks like a great time...wanting to hear more details!

love and furniture-placement,
Kim and Cindy!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are enjoy the hat session more than the little