Saturday, May 17, 2008


Text message from Stu ... "I am impossibly proud to be your husband". So sweet.

(Picture taken from our cruise five years ago. It was one of the only photos I could find of the two of us. That I liked. See my lobster red "tan".)

Walking...walking ...more walking.

Lots of walking happening around here! It has been a great week.

I have a few more donors to thank! Many Thanks to Aunt Peggy, Tammy and Bruce (a co-worker of Stu's). So fantastic! Thank you so much for your support! I have now raised $1350.00. Only $850.00 left to my goal - and I am still 23 weeks away. Woot! Woot!

I failed to post this weeks schedule - so I will post this weeks and next weeks. I receive a suggested training schedule from the 3 Day Walk folks - so I decided to follow that one instead of using the one I had put together. It starts with less mileage and builds it up in increasing amounts through the weeks. Without further adieu...

Monday (5/12) - Rest
Tuesday - 3 miles
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - 3 miles
Friday - 30 min. cross train
Saturday - 3 miles
Sunday - 3 miles

I followed the plan pretty well this week. I did not do the 30 minute cross train on Friday. I might add that in today and just add in a little strength training.

Next week's schedule:
Monday (5/19) - Rest
Tuesday - 3 miles
Wednesday 15 minute cross train
Thursday - 3 miles
Friday - 30 minute cross train
Saturday - 4 miles
Sunday - 3 miles

And as an added bonus to all this walking, I have lost 8 pounds. And an inch in my waist. Waifish figure ... here I come! Maybe I should get a belly button ring. Just kidding.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to the best Momma in the galaxy!
Thank you for showing me what unconditional love is. Thank you for listening to me without judgement.
Thank you for being you.
You are fantastic.
I love you.
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Keyword: weird

If you google "Guiness Book of Records - longest toe", I am the number one website.
Makes perfect sense.

Friday, May 09, 2008


Miss you. Everyday.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Halfway there...

I am halfway to my $2200.00 goal. All in FOUR days. I have some very generous family and friends! I have currently raised $1075.00. In FOUR days. Wow. Did I mention this was just in four days?

Thank you to my sweet Mom and Dad, the very generous Bobby and Ellen (they are responsible for half of the money I have raised so far!), Pat, Pam and Gwen! I will be thinking of all of you during my training walks. My peeps rock.

This week I completed 3 days of my training - 4 miles on Tuesday, 2 miles on Wednesday (supposed to be cross training but I decided to walk anyway) and 4 miles tonight. I have tomorrow off. Yeah!

Michael's 3rd grade class is hosting a Mother's Day Tea tomorrow. Michael, not a good one to keep secrets, keeps saying things like "there might or might not be a skit tomorrow. and my line may or may not be this...". And "we might be singing a song about moms ... but I'm not telling." He is terrible with secrets - but can't wait for me to be there. I'll probably cry. I'm kind of sappy that way. Any new thing Michael does - I cry.

Talking about crying...Stu passed his Six Sigma Black Belt test! Woot! Woot! Not a small accomplishment and this is a big thing for him! Yeah Stu! So proud of him! (this is not the crying part). He had kept it a secret that he had taken the test and he got the results today. He asked Michael and I to meet him for dinner at Atlanta Bread Company. So we went - he told us the news. We were so excited! As Stu is telling me the story of how he thought he wasn't going to he kept it a secret ... I notice Michael tearing out the coupon for the free cookie from the Atlanta Bread Company kids activity book. I thought he was just ready for his cookie as he was finished with his grilled cheese. Stu pauses in his story and Michael presented Stu with the free cookie coupon. As a reward for passing this big exam. And Michael cried a little because he was so proud of Stu. And I cried because I was so proud of Michael. And Stu cried because he got a cookie (just kidding about Stu crying!). Michael is such a sweet kid. Where did he get that from? Certainly not his mom!

Tomorrow is also a community meeting for Stu's work. Well ... it is a community meeting for him all day and then families are to come at 5:00 for a scavenger hunt and dinner. It will be my first time meeting Stu's new co-workers. A little nervous. Not certain what to wear. And I have a huge pimple on my cheek - what am I, a pre-teen again? Maybe I will bring my clogging shoes. Everyone loves a clogger. Right? Right.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wowee - Wow!

Holy Cow friends!

I sent out my announcement about the 3 Day Walk yesterday. Today I have $425.00 in donations. i am 19% of the way towards my goal - all in a day. Amazing. Wow. I have to say - everytime I get a notification that someone has donated in my behalf - I cry. My first donation (Martha, my cousin) made me weep. I called my mom. It is so exciting and for such a fantastic cause.

Thank you Martha, Yeline, Aunt Merilee, Aunt Joani, Cynthia, Kim and Georgianna! Fabulous! Your words of encouragement and cheerleading have meant so much.

I finished my first official training walk tonight. Four miles. I was ready to quit at mile 3. But I kept going - because I have people keeping track of my progress. Accountability. I appreciate that. Sometimes I need a kick in the pants. Thanks, internet, for kicking me tonight! I needed it.

Michael and I went to the library today. We checked out the Star Wars Cookbook, Part 2. Who knew there was a Part 1? We are going to have a family movie night complete with Darth Maul double light saber hot dog thing on Friday. I'll take pictures. I'm sweet that way.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Training Schedule

I have decided to take a big step (well really, lots of steps!) and have signed up for the 3Day Walk for Breast Cancer in Atlanta in October. That is 60 miles in 3 days. I will also be fundraising during the time and have committed to raising $2200 to go to Breast Cancer research.

(This is where I should insert my donation page - where you can donate online. Or print out the donation form to send in. Here it is: Jenn's Donation Page)

I will be blogging about my walking adventures here as well as updating my training schedule weekly. That way you can all come along on my journey with me ... and keep me accountable for the training. I have 6 months.

Here is this weeks schedule:
Monday - Off (love that - this is going to be easy!)
Tuesday - 4 miles
Wednesday - Cross Train (I will probably do some sort of weight training on this day)
Thursday - 4 miles
Friday - Off
Saturday - 6 miles
Sunday - 6 miles

Not all of my upcoming blogs will be about my walking schedule. I'll still regale you with tales of my life. I know you are interested, dear reader. I don't want to disappoint.