Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wowee - Wow!

Holy Cow friends!

I sent out my announcement about the 3 Day Walk yesterday. Today I have $425.00 in donations. i am 19% of the way towards my goal - all in a day. Amazing. Wow. I have to say - everytime I get a notification that someone has donated in my behalf - I cry. My first donation (Martha, my cousin) made me weep. I called my mom. It is so exciting and for such a fantastic cause.

Thank you Martha, Yeline, Aunt Merilee, Aunt Joani, Cynthia, Kim and Georgianna! Fabulous! Your words of encouragement and cheerleading have meant so much.

I finished my first official training walk tonight. Four miles. I was ready to quit at mile 3. But I kept going - because I have people keeping track of my progress. Accountability. I appreciate that. Sometimes I need a kick in the pants. Thanks, internet, for kicking me tonight! I needed it.

Michael and I went to the library today. We checked out the Star Wars Cookbook, Part 2. Who knew there was a Part 1? We are going to have a family movie night complete with Darth Maul double light saber hot dog thing on Friday. I'll take pictures. I'm sweet that way.

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whittakerwoman said...

That is so great! Congrats! My mom has MS and I have always wanted to do the walk but the price always kills me. Maybe someday. Anyways I just wanted to stop and say thanks for saying hi on my blog. I just linked you and would be honored if you linked me here. I cant wait to read more about you here. H