Friday, May 01, 2009

star wars weekend

May would have been a big month in the Dooley-Williams-Hall household.  We would have been counting down the days until Star Wars Weekend.  The last weekend of May.  At Disney World.  Michael would have missed the last day of school because we would already be at the park.  Grabbing autographs of the Star Wars characters, taking pictures with them, making sweet memories.

We would have stayed at the same resort as last year.  Only this year, we would have spent a whole day at the pool.  With the lazy river.  

We would have spent two days at the parks.  One at Hollywood Studios (the site of the exciting Star Wars Weekend) and the other day at ... well ... we hadn't quite reached a consensus.  I wanted to go to Epcot again.  Stu wanted to go to Animal Kingdom.  And Michael didn't much care.  He just wanted to see the Star Wars parade again.

This video cracks me up.  It is of Michael getting the autograph of Darth Maul last year.  He was a little freaked out by the guy.  He was very creepy.  Michael just wanted the autograph and then to get out of there!


Kim said...

That video is priceless! He was trying to be so brave, yet so unsure. You are inspiring me with the videos....and so many other things.

Cindy said...

That guy was so scary and he was very brave. What a precious video. Thank you for sharing, Jenn.