Saturday, May 23, 2009

fun with dad...

When I did the 3 Day walk in Atlanta this past fall, Stu and Michael came to cheer me on and be my support team.   And to also have some fun in Atlanta while I was on the route.  I thought I would share some of the photos from their time together.  They loved going to museums.  A fun time to share together.  They would spend hours there.  Exploring all of the exhibits.  Trying out all of the educational displays.  Learning.  Laughing.  Enjoying their time together.

These are pictures from their time at Fernbank.  Aren't they so fun?
Polar bear hands and feet.
I love Michael's face in the penguin costume.  Cracks me up.  He looks like he might be on the cusp of being embarrassed, and was probably coerced into putting on the costume at Stu's request.  He did it, though, and posed for the photo.  

The other thing that I love about the penguin photo is to see his shoes scattered haphazardly in the back and his hoodie jacket thrown on the floor in front of him.  As if he and Stu took over the room.  And threw their belongings all over the room.  I love it.  An indication of the good time they were having.

An indication of the good time they always had.


Cindy said...

You guys sure did pick a good one when you went to the "Daddy Store." Have been so focused on you that I honestly haven't given much thought to anyone else's sadness. And I should know better, so I'm sorry. Love and hugs to both you AND Stu.

Ebayer said...

Great pics! My compliments to the photographer.

Jenny Gruenewald said...

Hi Jenn. I remember how fabulous all your scrapbook pages were. I was amazed at how fast you cranked them out! I can only imagine what these pages looked like. I am so glad that you captured so many memories. I hope you continue to capture moments with you and Stu as you begin this new journey. Think of you often.

Elizabeth Dark Wiley said...