Friday, May 01, 2009


He was still my baby boy.  But was becoming quite the young man.  He still called me Mommy. He still liked to snuggle and would hold my hand in public.  He told me how much he loved me. Multiple times throughout the day.  He still believed in  Santa Claus.   And the good in people. His last report card was the best he has ever had.  Reading was becoming a love of his.

I hate that I type my verbs in the past tense.


alan said...

Jen- what a profound way of putting your thoughts down, but I wanted to remind you that you will always BE (present tense) Michael's mom. LIke we talked about the other night, Michael was one of those genuinely sweet kids and I dont think he would have ever grown out of that. He was special because he has such a special mom. Love you.

Kim said...

Jen- not really sure why I showed up as ALAN above, but it's ME! Crazy technology...maybe I'm in the wrong network- hee hee.