Sunday, March 07, 2010

we did it.

We did it.
We might have walked a little slow.
We might have been just seven people from being the last to cross the finish line.
Seriously. We were 11260 and 11261.
But we finished.
Tiaras were on straight. Smiles on our faces.
We did it.
I might a few rather large blisters on my feet.
I might have my very first blood blister.
I might need new shoes because these have been through two 3 Day Walks.
And countless training walks.
I might not have trained much. Or at all.
But we did it.
I might have cried as we walked into Magic Kingdom.
I might have slowed my friend Carmen down.
A lot. She is a runner. But stayed with me the whole time.
Helping me through it.
We might all need cheerleaders like Carmen.

We did it.
And I might never take my finisher's medal off my neck.


Elizabeth Dark Wiley said...

I think you should keep the tiara on too. Well done. So proud of you. You inspire me. Pretty much daily.

Kim said...

AMAZING!!! I knew you could do it and am BEYOND proud of you and wish I could have been by your side for this major accomplishment too! Can't wait to see photos of your medal! Love you!

Cindy said...

BRAVO!!! And yes, I agree... we all need cheerleaders like Carmen and friends like both of you! GREAT JOB!!!
So happy for you.