Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Having to put only two people live in my household makes me cry.
Stupid census.
(And we don't say that word in our house. But I am too tired to choose my words this night.)

Stu is right at this very moment watching YouTube videos of guys with nunchuck skills. And he has declared that he wants a set for his birthday.

Everybody needs a hobby.

I am two days into being a vegetarian. My cousin read the book, The Kind Diet. And she warned me that Chapter 2 turned her off of meat. I read Chapter 2. And now I can't eat meat either. I am a pretty picky eater. But I'm willing to try now. I tried Soy Milk for the first time tonight. Delicious. Of course, it was chocolate Soy Milk. That makes a difference. Everything is better with chocolate.

I am now a member of 3 tennis teams. And I take a lesson during the week. And I usually play on Sundays. I like it because it is an hour and a half (sometimes longer!) that I don't think about anything else but getting a little yellow ball across the net. And I sweat. And I remember that I am still here. I am still breathing.

I am also starting the Couch to 5K program. My mom is doing it. My friend Angelyn is doing it. And I just saw that another friend, Jenn, is also doing it. I plan to up the ante on my next Half Marathon ... a little worst to middle of the pack action. Most improved, that's me!


Mrs. Justice said...

Tennis?! Really?! Tennis has alwasy intrigued me, but I am terrified of it...the reason is because I don't want to have to move that fast...and I failed the whole tennis lesson in P.E. when they were like "shake hands with your racket." I didn't get it.

Mom said...

Soy milk....seriously? Yuck! I tried it but I didn't like it.

Cindy said...

I love Soy Milk. The Vanilla flavor = Yummo. Try it, Debra! It's delish!

Jenn Latino said...

YES-Couch to 5K is my new friend. 3 days a week I break a sweat to prepare for a 5 mile (not a 5K but actually 5 miles) for the Heart and Sole event for heart disease. I'm running in memory of my friend Michael.

Love to you!!

Also, Morning Star Chicken Grillers (soy burger patties) are spectacular! You will swear it is a chicken patty!

Anonymous said...

I'm on with the Couch to 5k deal. I had started walking several months ago, but they were 20 minute miles. Sad, I know. This past weekend, however, Tony and I ran a 5k together. We made it 42 minutes and RAN the whole thing! Kevin did the 15k that was in conjunction with the Jacksonville River Run. This is a great event on long on history here in Jax. If anyone is interested, it comes along every March. Although Kevin completed the bigger challenge, I felt as proud as if Tony and I had finished that 15k. Baby steps, right?