Monday, March 15, 2010


I will not pay to be sad. Anymore.
No sad movies. No sad songs.

We went to see a war movie. I'm sure the movie was fine.
But I could only think of the boys in the movie. Of their mothers. Of the news they would get.
I know. This was a movie. A suspense movie. I should have been on the edge of my seat. And that these were actors. Acting a part. They will get up. They will be with their families.
But instead all I could think about was how sad it was for the families. The fictional families.

I have enough going on to be sad about ... I don't need a movie. Or a lyric. To make me cry.
I'm great at doing that all by myself.

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Melissa said...

Good decision. I've never been through tragedy like you have but I think life is hard enough without purposefully bringing ourselves down with negativity. Comedies are the way to go!

I think of you often. If you are ever in ATL and find yourself with free time I would love to see you.