Tuesday, June 02, 2009

model. model.

Because I need a laugh today...

I love reality shows.  That won't surprise most.  I don't watch the more mainstream shows like American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.  No ... I watch Rock of Love, and Charm School and Big Brother.  Only the classiest for me.   I also am a fan of Biggest Loser and any of the Real Housewives or Top Whatevers on Bravo.  

Michael liked to watch {some} of these shows with me.  I didn't so much let him watch all of these shows ... as they are a bit on the ... um ... scandelous side of things.  But he would watch Top Chef or Project Runway or Biggest Loser with me.  And he liked the cartoon Total Drama Island, which is like a reality show.   For the smaller set.

Michael was asked to write about Rules for his the Writing portion of the FCAT.  He told me that he wrote that one of the rules in our house was "that no one could talk to Mommy while she watched Biggest Loser".  I wasn't that strict ... I would totally chat during commercials.  Sheesh.  (I'm hoping to get a copy of this writing ... it is not a typical request, but I am hoping to see it.  I can only imagine the other rules he might have written about.)

Anyway, I thought I would share these two pictures.  These are his model/runway walk photos.  You can tell two things:  1.  I took tons of pictures of my kid.  I used to say he was the least photogenic kid ever (don't believe me?  check out all of those school pictures for the past few  years!).  I would take hundreds of pictures to get one that I liked.  He was a pretty good sport, but obviously liked to spice things up a bit.  2.  We practiced our runway walks and end poses in the house.  Especially with first day of school outfits.  Hilarious.    Michael was pretty good at the posing.  As evidenced by these two photos.  

My boy.  Totally hip.

Heaven's Next Top Model?


Anonymous said...

He totally rocks.

Kimberly said...

This brighten my day! I can almost here your laugh as he struck the pose! His hand on his hip is my favorite part!!! Sending love!

Kim said...

He is TOTALLY the next top model...such a hunk and such a good sport! These are some of my favorite photos ever!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous!

Cousin Stephanie

Jenny said...

I'm glad to read a smile in your writing :) And, clearly he's more than heaven's next top model!

Cindy said...

LOVE these shots. Have a big smile thinking of you guys practicing the runway walks in the first day of school outfits. He is working that camera, isn't he?

Jenica said...

Looking at these pictures, I wish I could have known Michael. I can tell he was tons of fun and with a mother like you, he couldn't have been any other way.

I read your blog daily, cry daily, pray daily and hold onto every moment I have with my little girl daily. What you are experiencing wakes me up to how fleeting life can be. I am beyond sorry for you loss, your pain and everything else that comes with it. Even though I wasn't lucky enough to know Michael, I can sense what a joy he was through your writing and pictures. Please continue to share, we are all changed because of it.