Sunday, June 21, 2009

daddy's day

Happy Daddy's Day to my sweet husband.  Michael's daddy.  The man who played countless games of Stratego, Yu-Gi-Oh and Bakugan.  Who created fun hideaway tents and large army battles.  The daddy who took Michael to history museums and forts.  Science centers and exhibits.  The guy who taught Michael how to throw a football.  Kind of.   The dad that would take Michael to Fun Station and stay for hours.  Who would play countless games of Laser Tag.  And Putt-Putt.  And bumper boats.  Who taught Michael how to play video games and the strategy involved.  Who introduced Michael to YouTube.   The man who encouraged our son to make friends.  To step out of his comfort zone and to not be shy.  The man who I liked to say contributed to the nerdiness of our house.

Michael was a lucky little guy to call you his daddy.  I love you.

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Jenny Gruenewald said...

Hi Jenn. I went to Stu's blog to leave him a comment on Father's Day, but it would not allow me to do so. Could you please tell Stu something for me? Ine of the chapters in my book is paraphraded like: A guy likes to have a trophy wife but the guy hanging with his kids, is the trophy: Stu was Michael's trophy, We often commented when we saw your family how close you all were. He often reminded me of Steve, a very hands on husband and father, always with the family. I knew this b/c of the way the three of you interacted. I even remember watching you at toys r us one day. It was almost as if you had a language all your own. We will always remember him.