Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I was reminded of this sweet memory today while working with at a friend's house.

When Michael was little, he couldn't quite say Grandma in reference to my mom. In fact, he wouldn't say it. He called her truck at first. Trucks were his favorite things as a toddler. So this was flattery in its highest form. Really.

One night, I had Michael name everyone around the table during a visit to my mom and dad's house. I pointed to myself. Mommy. I pointed to my dad. Pa. I pointed to my mom. That.

That. So funny. Where did he get that? It makes me laugh just thinking of it.

Luckily, That didn't stick around for long. In fact, that might have been the only time that it was used. Nana became the chosen name for my mom. It suits her.

Today I am thankful for:
Time spent with a dear friend. And Diet Coke.


Mom said...

Thankfully, you took that moment to say we needed to pick our a different name for me. You said he knew how to say nana for banana so why don't we choose Nana for you. It stuck the very first time. I loved to hear Michael say Nana.

Kim said...

Too Funny! I am certain you are all thankful that "That" didn't stick! Love to you, Stu and Nana!

Kim said...

Loved spending time with you too, even though we were "working". And I LOVE the story of "That". Maybe your dad could be "This". Thanks for making me laugh. Love you. Oh, and you didn't HAVE a diet coke, did you????