Monday, November 02, 2009

by hand

I had great plans for this halloween costume. I sewed it by hand. And when I say by hand, I mean it. No sewing machine. Just needle and thread. And many a pricked finger. I used stuffing. I used elastic. I used a whip stitch. I used my fingertips.

I was a Martha. A total Martha. But without all that perfect nonsense. My stitches were gloriously imperfect. My panels were cut crooked. But with much love.

For this GHOST costume.
Not a white pumpkin. Not Humpty Dumpty.
A full on Ghost.

It was Michael's request. He wanted to be a ghost. I had visions of The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown show ... with the sheet and all the eye holes cut out. This wasn't the ghost costume for my 4 year old. He needed cute.

Ok. His mama wanted cute. He just wanted a costume. To get the candy.

So I sewed it by hand. The armholes didn't line up. The elastic was not so elastic-y. But I felt proud of my accomplishment. This sewing of the Halloween costume.

And bought every other costume for Halloween after that.


Tammy On the Go said...

Remembering with you today

Jenn Latino said...

I needed an attention diversion from a project at work so I went to my bookmarks to pull up your page. That precious picture and accompanying story of a proud proud mama was exactly what I needed. Thinking of you with a smile on my face and a laugh at your remembering your efforts to please your boy. PRECIOUS!

Martha Robbins said...

I love your hand sewn costume! I hope you kept it! I too try to be Martha and am not, but like you are proud of my attempts! Love you!!!

Mom said...

Cutest stinking costume ever.

Jennifer said...

LOVED the costume!! Stinkin cute:)
I always enjoy your posts, no matter what they are. You are such an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for being so willing to share your journey. We are all here cheering you on my dear!

Kim said...

Feeling kind bad about the humpty dumpty comment. It's the PERFECT ghost! Laughing and crying all at the same you!

Elizabeth Dark Wiley said...

I was thinking "egg" :)
I love it. I love that you made it, and I love that he's wearing it so well. With such nonchalance and confidence. confidence that lots of candy is coming his way, and confidence that his mommy loves him.