Monday, November 23, 2009

i decked some halls.

I am totally stealing this blog idea from my dear friend, Kim. I am hoping that she won't mind.

I decided to decorate my house a little early this year. Today, in fact. This post won't be about my feelings on doing that - though let me say I started with the easy decorations. Next week, when I put up Michael's tree in his room and the tree with all of our hodge-podge, school artwork. I will have more feelings to tell.

Today is just about the pictures.

The below is a very new tree. I have wanted a white tree for a long while. But they can be so pricey. Stu found this one on super-duper sale last year (for $20!) and snagged it for me. We bought all of the ornaments from Target after Christmas for more super sales. This is the first year that I have put the tree up. I adore it. The bright colors. Just looks like a party on a tree. I need to add the tree skirt. And a topper. But I haven't found one that I like just yet. I might try to make one. This tree, these ornaments were not part of our decorating. Last year.
These are the makings of the tree that we will put up at Michael's grave. I wanted ornaments that would stand the elements. Stu and I picked out these wood and metal ornaments. We also picked up a Star Wars (small) lego set and GI Joe figures to put on the tree. These are items that would have been in Michael's stocking. But will now be on his tree. I'll take pictures once it is finished and in place. at the cemetery.
I made the wreath below out of an old book I had lying around. I'll probably keep this one up year round. (That is my grandad in the picture - isn't he handsome?) And that sword was Michael's. He had many adventures with it.
Hands down my favorite nativity set. Because of the memories associated with it. It was my mom and dad's. They gave it to me last year. The family dog, in his first Christmas at the house, snuck off with baby Jesus in his teeth. The wood still shows some teeth impressions from him. Makes me smile when I walk past it.
Michael and I made these trees last year out of fabric and buttons. It was one of our advent activities for the season.
I haven't yet put up everything. Just a little jump start. I'll put up other items in time. When the time feels right.

Today I am thankful for:
This time that I have to not work. But to focus on me. And how I feel day to day, moment to moment. I am so grateful to be able to do so.


Mom said...

Love it all sweet thing. You are so talented. AND, I love you.

Tammy On the Go said...

i am so glad you are doing this...

Kim said...

Talented, indeed! I am so inspired by that beautiful wreath!!!! (I DO have a bday coming!) And those adorable fabric and button trees! You are always so original and genuine- and that is one of the reasons I love you! Your special tree for Michael is going to be spectacular and I'd love to help you set it up if you want. You're facing your fears head on and I'm here for you always. New traditions are good. Old ones are good. Whatever you feel is good.

BKicklighter said...

I have a super idea to keep your mind busy - you could type up/prepare a tutorial on how to make those precious fabric trees!!! I love them.

You are great - B

Anonymous said...

JD - Jenn from Dr. Welch's office circa 2003 here, frequent reader, never a commenter until today. I just love your writing here. It is so beautiful and I love reading your thoughts. I am thinking of you often! Also, I am REALLY loving your book wreath. I found instructions to one last week and started it but it was a total disaster and I junked the whole deal but now I am inspired to try again. Thanks for the inspiration, and for everything that you are. Happy Thanksgiving! xo :)

keri said...

1st - love the tree you got for your michael and all the ornaments. 2nd - love that book wreath! how did you make it? 3rd - love those fabric trees and button tree....super creative. was there a website we can go to for tutorials? do tell. pleeez? :)