Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Vacation all I ever wanted...vacation happy to get away!

We left on Saturday - late in the afternoon. Michael was ready to rock-n-roll much earlier in the day, but Stu needed to finish up some work and I needed to shop for more vacation wear. And my parents had a much further drive and also wouldn't be arriving until later afternoon. So, little bit lost out.

As an aside, Michael could totally win an air guitar competition. His facial expressions alone put him over the top. We will be certain to let his new first grade teacher know of his talents to use in the class play - I'm just saying - Macauley Culkin look-a-like air guitar players are in high demand in first grade.

Moving right along ... road trip! It only took us about four hours to get to Palm Coast. We could have made it in 3 hours and 45 minutes, but Stu missed the exit. A word to the wise - if Stu ever tells you about a shortcut, go the opposite way. His shortcuts make for the longest drives known to man.

Anyway, we made it past the guard house (I was afraid they would not allow us in ... my nails took a biting!) We met Mom just outside of the guard house and drove up to this:

This picture does not do this place justice. Go visit the website -

http://www.hammockbeach.com - such a fabulous place. There are 5 pools, an indoor pool, a lazy river, a three story slide, a gym, and on and on. Good gravy - I loved it there. I felt so fancy handing my card to allow me into the pool - they gave me towels and then I gave it back to them all dirty and wet to launder for me the next day. I was fancy! We had cheeseburgers poolside, brought to me by the world's next supermodel (and no, I felt no pang of guilt for eating in front of these emaciated women!)

The condo is owned by my parent's best friends. They generously allowed our family to use it for the week. I am hoping to be their favorite caretaker - I promise to clean and stock the fridge for their visits - I will have to start lobbying.

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