Tuesday, August 09, 2005

For your reading pleasure .... the list!

Here is my 30 things to do before I turn 30 list. Some are fun, some slightly unattainable, some serious... Feel free to push me along. I have only one short year until I turn 30. Gotta do it while I am young!

And without further ado, I present THE LIST:

1. Sing karaoke in front of a moderately sized crowd.
2. Eat at the Broken Egg Cafe (here in Tallahassee)
3. Audition for a play.
4. Run (not walk) in a 5K.
5. Complete the Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon (walk or run or both)
6. Lose 50 lbs.
7. Travel to New York City (with mom?).
8. Participate in an arts/craft show.
9. Write (hand write) a letter to a different person each week (and for those who know me, this is a hard thing for me to do, for some reason!)
10. Find a job that I love.
11. Take Michael to the new aquarium in Atlanta.
12. Read the first four Harry Potter books with Michael.
13. Go to the doctor for a check-up (because I haven't been in a very long time - Stu and Michael go enough for the both of us)
14. Go one week without spending a single penny.
15. Travel to California to see Tom and Marsha.
16. Cook more and learn to love it!
17. Take an art class.
18. Throw a dinner party.
19. Sew a doll.
20. Groom the back yard (within the fenced area) into something to be proud of.
21. Give blood.
22. Go on more date nights with Stu.
23. Eat a raw oyster.
24. Finish all current and future projects.
25. Get a passport.
26. See more live theatre.
27. Learn Photoshop.
28.Learn French (perhaps to use with my passport??)
29. Write a children's book (Thanks to Mom and Aunt Joani's suggestions)

And number 30. I am going to have a contest for this one. Tell me what you think my thirtieth entry should be. Go crazy!


Anonymous said...

I remember making those kinds of plans too. See how many you can make happen, sweetheart. It's all in the challenge, and fun to boot. I'll have to think about #30 and get back to you. Hugs and smacks.

Anonymous said...

#30....finish the vacation synopsis