Sunday, August 07, 2005

Does this mean he likes me?

I got my haircut yesterday into a cute little shattered ends bob, with a wisp of bang slapped to the side. I walked out of the salon feeling like a hip yougster (which is much needed as my 29th birthday is mere days away!)

I got home - anxious to show off the new do. Stu was the first to greet me and agreed that the haircut was fabulous.

I walked into Michael's room with a grand "how do you like my new hairdo?". Michael looks at it and says "Mommy - you look like a boy." Such a way with words that one.

This morning, we were getting into the car and Michael says "don't worry, Mommy. your hair will grow back." A comforter to boot!

Oh the joys of motherhood, er fatherhood (just until the hair grows back). I am thinking that Michael should get a head start on living in the car ... no time like the present and all that.

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Anonymous said...

Hello "Hip YOungster". Your Uncle Tom told me about your blog (sent me the link) and you now have another reader. I loved your postings, and will try to check in and read them often. It somehow makes me feel closer to you, just to read about happenings and sayings. That Michael is a mess - we got a great chuckle out of his comments on the hair. I surely am happy he didn't see me at the end of the summer. My hair dresser took me at my word when I said "I wanna try short" and I did indeed look like a boy (an old one).
However, I'm sure you look adorable and completely sassy and hip! Send pics!
Sean and Uncle Bob send their love (I'm sending Sean the link too).
BTW, have you ever considered writing a book? You could make a mint writing - especially children's books. You should think about it sometime. If nothing else, it'd be fun. We love you BIG!!!! Love to the boys. Aunt Joani