Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Good things come in threes

And also a happy birthday to Whitney Houston and Jason Wilbanks (who used to live down the street from me ages ago - he is one year older than me and that is about all of the information I have on Jason Wilbanks). I don't know who their third is, but I have my posse!
Elcnu Mot and Marsha - I am so lucky to share in my birthday with the two of you! We have our own August 9th club - wish we lived closer so that we could share birthday cake (or birthday watermelon, whichever). I hope the next year is fabulous.
I always feel a little contemplative on my birthdays. And this birthday is no different. I feel like I am older now, but yet I still don't like meatloaf (the food or the singer), or know how to play bridge. I do however still love MTV and boy bands. I am a little, shall we say, confused. Or stuck in my early twenties? Hmmm...
I am working on a "30 things to do before my 30th birthday" ... stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Happy B'day to all from the other Aunt/Uncle/Sis/Bro ...we love you all.........J & B

Tom & Marsha said...

Well, I have always said that Debra gave me the nicest birthday present ever, 'way back in '76. Then Marsha was the icing on the Birthday cake. OK, that's enough for now. Happy Birthday. Sounds like your "boys" gave you a nice scavenger hunt!
My suggestion for #30? Use that passport, baby! You think you're contemplative now? Just wait another 21 years!
I can't believe you don't like Meatloaf (the singer)-"Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" is a classic!
Uncle Tom

mom said...

My life was not complete until you came into this world. And...no you were not adopted. I am so proud of you and your many accomplishmens. The person you have become and your many talents the best of which is being a mom.

I love you