Tuesday, December 01, 2009

30 days

I completed my 30 days of posting in November.
I will probably continue to post often. But without the pressure of every day.
Perhaps all the weekdays. And not the weekends.

I owe y'all a fabric and button tree tutorial. I will do that this week.

It is the start of the advent calendar. Only I am not doing the advent activity calendar this year.
To commemorate this day, I ate an entire bag of goldfish crackers. AN ENTIRE BAG. By myself.
Emotional eating at its finest, my friends.

I'll get back on the boiled chicken wagon tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am soooo sad that I won't be able to see your posts each day. Please reconsider!!! I read each post, daily.

And you splurged on goldfish?!? You obviously don't know the meaning of splurging at its finest. Where were the french fries, burgers, pizza, Baby Ruth's, and buttery popcorn?!? I read a study that if you are going to splurge, go all the way. If you have been dieting for a while, it doesn't make a difference, if you do it all in one day. (so 'they' say)

So go get a tub of chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and a side of fries, NOW!!! You still have time!!!

Elizabeth Dark Wiley said...

Please don't invite me to your boiled chicken wagon. Yuck.
And congratulations! You did it! Every day a post. And I looked forward to checking them. And I quickly learned that you post late, late, late. I guess I met my goal, but at times I felt like I was taking the easy way out. But thanks again for the challenge. It's left me wanting to be more consistent- maybe I can keep up the "twice a week", but I'm totally sold on the "once a week" at least. Thanks again.