Monday, June 04, 2007

What to wear.

I need help from the fashionistas. Stu got a bit of bonus money in his paycheck this month (all that hard work is paying off! yeah for Stu!). And while we are being completely responsible with it, I am able to make a little splurge for myself. Isn't that fabulous?

I don't buy clothes for myself very often (anyone who sees me can attest to that ... I wear the same black cardigan for everything. Kind of like a female version of Mr. Rogers, except I don't have more than one. But I digress...)

I'm trying to decide between three dresses. I want a dress that I can wear to work, that I can wear on the weekends, and that I could wear out for a night out with the girls (Hear that girls...if I buy this dress, we need to have a night out - we'll go to Jacksonville).

Anyway - I think I like these three. Vote. Tell me which one you love. And remember it's going on me. Chubby McChubberson.


Kim said...

OOOOHHHH, I LOVE this game! Can we do this often?

I vote for #2. Love the empire waist action...very flattering. And very trendy colors...I see good jewelry with this one.

But what? You don't want THE black dress from Banana Repuplic? We ALL have it, so you are smart to go with a different one since we will all be fighting about who gets to wear it on our "night out".

Can't wait to see which one you pick.

On another note, your PAG posts have inspired ME and I've been walking consistently now for two weeks...woo hoo! Started a 5:30 a.m. routine with a neighbor this morning...We'll be so svelt by fall!

Liz said...

I am also voting for Dress #2, same reason as Kim. I also have to plug "THE" black dress, wore mine this morning to a funeral, wore it last week to girls night out. Appropriate for both. She does have a point about the arguing, get dress #2.