Friday, June 15, 2007

Gas up the plane ... er Rodeo.

Alright, friends ... Michael and I are headed into the wild blue yonder. Or Atlanta whichever comes first. And really not Atlanta, because we are going to the parents house which is decidedly no longer in Atlanta, but two hours away.

Now that we've got that straight...

We'll be back on Wednesday. Michael has a cardiology appointment on Tuesday, and I have an appointment to get some tan on this pasty skin. Here's to floating in the lake ... lounging by the pool...not being at work.

Catch you on the flipside ... Peace out.

(Yes this means no updates until I get back. Unless I brave my parent's dial-up. Shudder. I'll see you on Wednesday. Maybe with pictures.)

Oh ... and I have lost 12 pounds. Holding steady at 1 1/2 inches off the waist. I've logged 16 miles this week. Some of those were running. Everytime I crank up Big Bertha (aka The Treadmill) to running speed .... I recite the line from forrest Gump ... "And I was run-ning..." Should I have not told y'all that?


Cindy said...

Twelve pounds. Amazing. That is so awesome. You seem very determined. Way to go, Jenn. Have fun at the lake and enjoy your time away.

Liz said...

12 pounds!!!!! Amazing!!! Have fun at the lake. Keep up the good work!