Saturday, June 02, 2007

Music moves me.

I love music. Really. I do.

I think it started in high school. Trying to find that perfect song for any occasion ... for that mixed tape for my best friend, or boyfriend. With my first job (at Rockin' Robins!), I would take my tip money and purchase a new CD. Sometimes, I would just base my decision on the name of the group or the cover art just to expose myself to different tunes. I still do it now. With each paycheck, I log onto iTunes and purchase 5 songs. Every two weeks. I love it.

I used to make mix tapes/CDs for every occasion. Driving Music. Make out music (I mean, I never used it for that purpose. really). Sing out loud music. I think I even had a Bedtime mix. I love song lyrics that I can relate to. Songs that say what I am feeling. Or even songs that I make up my lyrics too, but has a funky beat and I can dance to it.

I thought I would share last Friday's music downloads. I have eclectic taste, but I think I am in my singer/songwriter Indie Rock phase right now. I'm so Emo.

Comfort - Deb Talan
Deb Talan is the lead singer of the band The Weepies. I love that band and I love Deb's voice. This is a great song.

Hey There Delilah - Plain White Ts
This song is just a fun sing along kind of song. It makes you wish that your name is Delilah and this little guy is singing this song to you. "Times Square can't shine as bright as you". Love it.

Extraordinary - Mandy Moore
I know what you are thinking ... what? Mandy Moore. Dude. This is a fabulous song. And it was produced by the aforementioned Weepies. This sounds nothing like her first foray into Pop with the Candy song. This is great. And makes me feel empowered. Well...maybe not ... but it sounded good, right?

Death Came and Got Me - Rosie Thomas
Rosie Thomas is one of my favorites. Her voice grabs you and doesn't let go. And her songwriting? I feel like a lot of her lyrics could have been written by me (if I had a penchant for such a thing ... which I don't). Rosie gets me. and I get her. I think we are meant to be BFFs.

My Beautiful Rescue - This Providence
This was one of those impulse purchases. I have just discovered this band called The Hush Sound and This Providence was discovered by the same person ... who also discovered Panic at the Disco. I wish I could remember the discoverer's name. But it escapes me at this very moment. It might come to me later. Anyway ... another great sing along in the summer kind of song.

That was last Friday's purchase ... and tonight I am searching for next Friday's downloads. I'll probably blog those too. And let me know if any of you have any recommendations. I love most anything ... well except hard core rap. And most country.

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