Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kinda Gross But...

I will warn you, dear readers, that I am about to ask the mystery of life. A question that has plagued the world for years....decades...centuries. (See how this is completely hyped up...I'm creating the drama. Hey...I am theatrical after all).

Why is it that when a possum, armadillo, aardvark is hit by a car do they automatically roll over on their backs and stick their four feet straight up to the heavens? Of course this doesn't always happen ... there is a certain amount of *squishiness* that can occur in these instances, but ... I passed two of these creatures on my way in to work on Monday (it's Wednesday and they are still there. Not as pristine as they were on Monday, mind you, but still there). Both with all four legs up. Does gravity reverse when these animals are hurt?

I just don't think that if I was hit by a car that I would raise my arms and legs. I'm just saying.

And so the sneak peek into my inner most thoughts has ended.
(I promise pictures soon. I know...this blog totally needs pictures. I'm working on it.)

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