Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Grey's Anatomy Quiz

As seen on Liz's blog, the Which Character are you on Grey's Anatomy quiz..

I am:

You're Meredith

You don't always make the right choices, but you get points for trying, bouncing right back, and starting over. For being so "dark and twisty", you have a surprisingly sunny outlook on life. You're quick to jump into new relationships but just as quick to jump out. After the example your parents set, learning to trust someone else takes just about everything you've got.

Really? Meredith? I didn't think I was so dark and twisty. And I have a great relationship with my parents. Interesting.

Two posts in one day. Rocking.

PAGG: Haven't updated in a while. 35 minutes on Monday. 35 minutes on Tuesday. Just got in Gilmore Girls Season 1 from Blockbuster Online, so expect these numbers to go up tomorrow. I think it is 42 minutes per episode. Hooray!

1 comment:

Liz said...

Hmm "dark and twisty", I don't see it , "crazy and Kooky", but not "dark and twisty".