Monday, May 21, 2007

Because my last post was a bit of a downer ... I thought I would list 5 things I am loving at this moment.

1. That my scale read two pounds lighter this morning. Despite my failed attempt at healthful eating last night at dinner. There just might be something to this whole exercise thing.

2. The new salad bowl I purchased at Target. It comes with a dressing holder and a fork. With their own little compartments. And it's green. Eating salad has never made me happier.

3. Our little robot vacuum cleaner gizmo. When Stu brought these home to sell on e-Bay, I thought he was crazy. And apparently so did others, because he couldn't sell all of them. I got one. And love it. Gets all of Nellie's yellow dog hair off of my brown rug. I just need a little one to run over the black futon that my yellow haired dog likes to sleep on.

4. - Life saver at work. this is an Internet radio site - you just start with an artist or song that you like, then you can add others to include to that station. Pandora finds other like sounding artists to add to your station. I have a long list of new (to me) artists to download to iTunes.

5. Mechanical pencils. I really feel like they make my handwriting so much better.

Also, I just realized TODAY that Michael is out of school on Thursday. Not Friday. What? I even argued with Michael last night that he was wrong about when the last day of school was. Guess I owe him an apology.

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Liz said...

Saw the salad thingee at Target, very clever, if I had to tote my lunch, I would have bought one.

Congrats on the lost poundage!

LOVE mechanical pencils, hate boring wooden ones.

Swimming at my house Thursday, not Friday, after school!