Thursday, May 17, 2007

Keeping up ...

Now that my friends have entered the blog world, I feel a need to keep up with this thing. That included a little banner up top. That thing is huge. Help a girl out ... how do I make that sucker smaller? I also included their links over to the right...I'll keep updating that portion. I visit quite a few blogs ... I'm nerdy like that ... so that list will grow and grow.

I'm going to put a little P.A.G(G) tag at the bottom of all of my posts. It will be my Pansy Ass Girly Girl accountability-keep up with me to see if I am still doing it counter kind of thing. I'll tell you what I did last night. I know you are all so interested! Or not. But I'll just think you are. How's that?

Now I need to plot a power outage at the DOR so that Stu won't work late tonight and I can go watch Grey's at Liz's .... (do you think I am now on the Top Ten Most Wanted list with that last statement? I was just kidding...Mr. FBI officer)

P.A.G(G): 35 minutes on the treadmill last night. Walking. Not running. Remember? I'm still a P.A at this point.


Kim said...

Love the P.A.G.(G)....keep it up! Loving the banner at the top and don't think it's to big at all! And so glad you are feeling "pressured" to keep up with your blog because honestly, you could bottle up your funniness and make a fortune! Love you and hope you can make it tonight!

Liz said...

Not too big, but you gotta erase the border behind it. Go to colors and change the title border color to white. No pressure, keep up at your leisure, PAG.
Love ya.