Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tag. You're it.

I have been tagged by my friend, Liz. She tagged me a long time ago. I am slow to the posting. Here goes....

Four jobs that I have had:
Soda Jerk at Rockin' Robins
Waffle House waitress in Panama City Beach, FL
Publicity and Education Director (Broadway in Atlanta)
Marketing Manager (School of Theatre)

Four films I could watch over and over:
13 Going on 30
Never Been Kissed
The Princess Bride

Four places that I have lived:
Grayson, GA
Hazelhurst, WI
Cincinnati, OH
Tallahassee, FL

Four favorite TV shows:
Big Brother
The Hills
Grey's Anatomy
The Class ... but it was cancelled. Now I'll never know how it ends. Cry.

Four favorite foods:
String Cheese
Mom's Shrimp Creole
Mom's spaghetti
McDonald's french fries

Websites I visit everyday:
Two Peas in a Bucket
Joker's Updates (for the latest in Big Brother gossip)
Tons O' Blogs

Four Places I'd love to be:
New York City
My parent's house
In the car pick-up line with my diet coke and latest read waiting for the bell to ring.
The Beach. Any Beach.

Here is the part where I am supposed to tag other folks. I don't know if anyone reads this blog anymore. So...if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged. That should cover it.

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Chad Oneil said...

Found your blog by searching for other "Florida" Bloggers.

Just thought I'd leave a comment to say I was here.