Monday, August 13, 2007

Did you miss me?

Took some unscheduled time off from blogging. Seems like everytime I came here to blog ... I either am called to do something else or I lose my train of thought. But here I am ... ready to catch up again!

Let's see ... in the time since we last spoke ... I have turned 31; went on a week long vacation to the beach with Michael and the folks (it was fabulous ... I'll post pictures soon); scrapbooked with crabby old women ... and Cindy (I'm not including here in the crabby old women part!); painted two and a half rooms in the house; got in touch with my emotions in a team bonding retreat at work; designed t-shirts, banners, posters and wrote a Marketing Manual.

I need another vacation.

I am also starting another blog with my friend Caleb. He just moved to NYC to start his career. We were talking about how we would both like to be better photographers - him for professional reasons and I for scrapbooking reasons. So we decided to do a photography blog. We assign a topic weekly and will each take pictures as to how that topic speaks to us in picture form. Then on Sunday we compile our pictures into a photostrip and upload to the blog. The idea came from this blog - 3191, only they post every day and without a topic. We just started this week. Our topic was HOME. (Because I wanted to see images of Caleb's apartment!) Here is our takes this week (Caleb's on top, mine is on bottom):

I think it is so interesting to see our different perspectives on the same theme. Next week, the topic is windows: real, figurative, imagined, doesn't have to be actual windows. I post here with those film strips as well.

*You can see the new Scrap room color (4th photo) and guest bathroom color (5th photo) in my photo strip.


Kim said...

Missed you more than you know- hated getting on here day after day to see that "Beachin It" discouraging! But, today....a new title! Loving the new photo strip venture. I am a huge fan of 3191- such a cool concept and I love your take on it. Great photos, btw- I plan to be inspired by you.

Can't wait to see you on Friday evening for our soiree. Fab friends, fab food, and oh yeah- presents!

Keep on bloggin- love to keep up with you!

Liz said...

Ooh, Jen, great pics!