Friday, September 02, 2005

It is heartbreaking to watch the news, read the survivor acccounts, and listen to the devastation of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I cannot imagine the sense of loss of an entire city and the ramifications of that loss for a lifetime. I also have trouble believing that this is happening in my very own country

I remember watching the stories coming out of the tsunami aftermath. And feeling a bit removed from the scene unfolding on the cable news. I gave a donation, and cried for the loss of life, but I couldn't identify with what was happening. It was too far away and a natural disaster that I didn't relate to.

Now I turn on the TV and realize that these people who are struggling for survival are mere hundreds of miles away. A day's drive. I feel helpless. I have given a small donation both to the Red Cross and a family of 6 who is staying with at the home Michael's vice principal. Neither of these donations are big by any means. But we will continue to give as we can through the next months, years. I have signed up with a local group in town to receive updates as to when they need volunteers to go to Mobile, AL to help with the efforts there. It's not enough, but it is a beginning.

I have my own thoughts on the way things have been handled. No doubt, we will continue to analize the timeline and steps taken for many years to come. Policies will be changed, thankfully. However, now is not the time to place blame or point fingers. Help is needed - that comes first.

What next? Locusts?

Back to regularly scheduled cheeriness in a bit ...

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Anonymous said...

Me too, me too, me too. Cannot imagine their pain and frustration! Watching for locusts!