Wednesday, January 27, 2010

jump rope

Michael met his sweet friend, Brantley, in kindergarten. The two of them, along with their great friend, Tony, were big buddies.

Brantley is participating in Jump Rope for Heart at his and Michael's school. I received an email from Brantley's mom asking if it was OK if Brantley raised money in Michael's memory. Of course! I cried when I read her email. What a sweet way to remember Michael.

Here are Brantley's words:

I am raising money for Jump Rope for Heart in honor of my good friend, Michael Hall, who died from heart problems last year. Michael was born with a sick heart. He was 9 years old when he died. I miss Michael very much, and I wish he was here today. I want to help other kids like Michael by raising money in his name. Please help me raise a lot of money to help the American Heart Association so that other kids don't have to lose their friends too. Thank you for helping.

Here I am crying again just looking at his words. Will you help him?


Kim said...

I love that he has upped his goal and will be keeping an eye on it! So Sweet!

Mom said...

It just fills me up to know that one of Michael's friends is remembering him in this very special way. When I got home yesterday, I asked your Dad if he had seen your blog and he said "yes, and I wanted to donate our life savings but I thought I would wait until you got home."

Karen said...

I am donating to any student who asks because it gives me the chance to say I am giving it in Michael's memory. As far as I am concerned it is the 'Michael Hall Jumprope For Heart'. Please let Brantly know that if he will come to my classroom anytime, I would be honored to donate to him in Michael's memory. Room 506.