Tuesday, May 09, 2006

See, internet? I told you to trust me.

I came back. The next day even. To write in this little ol' blog. See, internet? I think this is the start of something beautiful.

But do I have anything interesting to say ... that's the real trick, isn't it?

I will make another list ... because my ADD tendencies prevent me from expanding on any one subject for too long ...

Today I am grateful for...5 Things:
1. My orange shoes. I look at my feet and smile ... everytime. It's like a little treat.
2. Rachel Ray. Because the husband tells me I cook the same things over and over again and always with BBQ sauce. And rice. We only have those kinds of things 3 or 4 times ... a week. OK - so I tend to overdo it with the same thing. Rachel Ray to the rescue!
3. My iPod adapter for the car. Always have my favorite tunes to sing along to in the car. My current favorites groups are The Weepies and Fisher. Love the folk music. I'm so cool.
4. Lists. I love to make lists and lists of things to do, to buy, to make. I don't always remember where I have placed my lists ... but that's OK. I will just make a new one! Such promise to have a new list drafted. And to scratch off what I have accomplished? There is no better feeling.
5. Crystal Light Peach Tea packets on the go - because sometimes, plain water is a drag.

Have a pleasant today and a fabulous tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm not bored. Who could be bored with orange shoes? And lists.....doesn't everybody love lists? I'm still your faithful reader, my dear Professor Jenn. Keep on writing the stinking blog and I'll keep on reading it...for 1000 miles or more. I love ya! A.J.

Anonymous said...

K - Internet, I think you might've been right about her. I keep looking for more and it's not there. Miss her, don't you? A.J.