Monday, December 13, 2010

Team Michael update!

Oh Friends. My heart is full from this past weekend.
This weekend. We put all of your generosity to use!

Stu and I left Tally very early on Sunday morning. My sweet friends gave us the latest in Elf fashions with our Team Michael hats. Loved those!

We met up with my mom and dad; my Aunt; and my two cousins.

AND IT SNOWED! This picture doesn't show the snow very well. But it was beautiful. And magical. And the perfect backdrop for our shopping adventures.
Target was on the schedule. We had four or five carts FULL of toys and crafts for the playroom. Several other Target shoppers commented on the fun we were having! And fun we had. Board Games and push toys and cars and DVDs and crayons and markers and googly eyes and batteries and legos and .... the list goes on and on.

Next Stop: Build-A-Bear. Such nice people - the store was so busy when we got there. The employees made time to talk to us about the bears. They were just as excited to be a part of Team Michael's bear delivery as we were! We had boxes and boxes of bears. Every child at the Egleston campus of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta will receive a bear. WOW!

A fun day was had by all of us. I am continually overwhelmed by the love of family and friends. And complete strangers. When I am at my lowest, I think of all of you. And I am buoyed.

We delivered the hundreds of bear and bags upon bags of toys to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta this afternoon. We knew that we would not be able to deliver directly to the patients - that is against hospital policy. Our contact person at the hospital was so nice. And so amazed by how many things we put into her office! I'm not sure she was expecting that many items.

She doesn't know all of you.

Thank you to everyone who donated. Everyone who sent notes of support and encouragement. Thank you! Consider yourself hugged!


Mom said...

It was beautiful and so are you.

Sue Tucker said...

You have done so much to brighten all of our lives and allow us a chance to feel we can all make the world a better place!!! You make the world a better place!

Ellen Hyatt said...

I participated in the Tallahassee ZumbaJunkiethon to help raise money for the bears and was so pleased to be able to assist you. When you wake up Christmas Day I hope you realize how many smiles you have placed on those children's faces. Hope you and your husband are safely back home.

Martha Robbins said...

Simply awesome! Michael must be smiling down from heaven at what joy you've given all these children! God bless you!!

Tammy On the Go said...

this is awesome. we did a toy drive at TMH after my Joshi died, and it filled my heart so much....I hope this fills you for months and months...