Monday, January 07, 2008

if I can make it there ...

I'm headed to the Big Apple tomorrow. I am packed and ready to go. The family is taking me to the airport tomorrow - we are leaving at 4:45 am. Early. I probably won't sleep tonight. I have packed my camera to take tons of pictures. I have also packed my new iPod Nano complete with two downloaded movies to watch during my layovers - Waitress and Purple Violets.

Have I mentioned that I am excited?

I hope that I remember to use my camera - then you can see my pictures. I have planned my own personal tour for tomorrow and then I am in seminars all day Wednesday and Thursday and will head to shows on those nights. I fly out on Friday.

So excited!


Cindy said...

Hurry up and blog about your visit!!! I can't wait to hear the (rest) of the details. And don't forget the pics, please! Love me some Manhattan skyline, no place like it in the world.

Anonymous said...

Well.....let's hear some stories, see some pix, Girl! I'm back "watchin' you", so get on with the "deadlines" too. At least one of us will have done something toward that end. Hope you had a blast! Love you...A.J.