Thursday, June 30, 2005


Michael turns 6 tomorrow. My baby is growing up and I am so sad. He is quite the little man - so sweet, smart, funny, clever and mischevious. I cannot imagine my world without him.

Michael's birthday party was last Saturday. It was held at the Challenger Learning Center here in Tallahassee. We had about 8 kids in attendance along with their siblings, parents and co-workers of mine. Games were played, havoc ensued. Then on to the IMAX to see "Space Station" - the kids were so quiet - so either they were napping or they truly enjoyed the movie.

My mom and dad came down from Georgia to attend. Mom and I had a blast making the cake. I wish they lived closer. My parents are fabulous, and practically perfect in every way (don't let that go to your heads kids!).

And a few photos to enjoy ...OK two to be exact:
Here is the cake. Admire the spray icing job that perfectly illustrates the engine blast. Also, pay particular attention to the lettering (that's all mom) and the fondant (ain't we fancy!) Add a few star sprinkles and the cake is so fabulous. Yes, we are available for parties.

Here, Michael is talking about the different options an astronaut has when the need to urinate strikes:

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